It is the most popular choice for students. The bicycle has a great impact on the environment. As the bicycle has no need for diesel and petrol, it is helpful for our health as well as the environment. It allows riders to reach their destination without harming others.

Via Velo is one of the leading brands that provide u lock. You get different types of bicycle and other two-wheelers lock from our brand.  

About the organization 

Via Velo is the leading Canadian brand in the international bike lock security market. It is a family-run business that makes the best products at a great price. The organization basically focuses on the safety and security of the bicycle, its strength as well as durability. You get the best quality scooter lock from our organization. 

About the product

The triple protection bike lock set comes with 33.5" steel folding with two keys, and also gives a 15mm u lock and 6 feet cable lock as well. It provides safety and security. It gave us multiple ways where can lock our bicycles. It also gives us a folding lock, Durability, and water-resistant features also. It has a length of 280 mm and a width of 150mm. It has an ABS coating diameter also which is 15mm, it is also known as shackle diameter. The weight of the u lock is 1.5kg, like 3.4 Ibs. It has a special steel hardness which is HRC50-HRC58. 

It is also useful and flexible for mounting options. The folding lock is basically included a mounting case, self-adhering straps as well as two keys which are used for replacement codes. On the other hand, the u lock and cable lock included wooden steel cable and two lengths of bolt with mounting brackets.  The u lock comes with easy installation of mounting brackets on the other hand the scooter lock or the folding lock is helpful for strength and security and helps us to self-adhere the straps to install the feature virtually anywhere. 

Why us

It is one of the leading companies which manufactures security of locks the highest quality. The company provides safety,  security, and peace of mind for many cyclists. The company has the options of free shipping, a safety check, and a free return policy. The company provides many offers and they have a greater discount policy than the other organizations in the market. They have a polite nature and maintain proactive communication with the customer. They are mainly conscious of the customer's safety, security, and peace of mind. Besides, it is the best scooter lock provider for you.  Fulfilling the needs of the customers is important for them.

1:- Great quality product 

2:- Wide range of products

3:- Special services 

4:- Free Shipping 

5:- Great return policy

6:- 24×7 customer care service 


Bicycles are the most important vehicles for our health. If we maintain a habit of cycling regularly it can enhance our metabolic system, help us to reduce weight, and so on. In the Netherlands, most of them use Bicycles for their work. The Safety of bicycles is very important. A bicycle lock is the security of our vehicle,  it can help us to protect our bicycles from thieves. There are various locks like U-lock, D-lock, wheel lock (it has a variety of names like O lock, ring lock, and frame lock), chain lock, Cable lock, smart locks Disc rotor locks, and so on.

Via velo provides the best quality u lock for you. The content has helped us know about the brand Via velo and its product.